awn  elly - Domiciliary Care
DawnKelly Care Staff
Our care staff constantly train to achieve higher standards. Presently we have a high level of staff either trained to National Vocational Qualification or are training to achieve a National Vocational Qualification in health and social Care.
Mandatory courses also attended by DawnKelly Homesupport employees are:
  • Health and safety risk assessment
  • First aid
  • Basic food hygiene
  • Infection control
  • Moving and handling
  • Effective communication
  • Medication
    Dawnkelly Care staff are facilitated on a rolling programme of staff development and are supported by management in means of regular staff supervision and appraisals.
    In service training presently caters for catheter care, communication, stoma care, promoting continence and abusive behaviour.
    Assistance with medication
    DawnKelly Homesupport staff and policies adhere to local and national standards and procedures, regarding assisting clients with their medication. Our staff can prompt, administer and assist service users to take their medication at regular intervals. Our staff are unable to assist in this way if the medication has not been prescribed by their doctor and dispensed by their regular pharmacist. Such medicines we are unable to assist with would be over the counter and homeopathic remedies. All staff have completed local government medication training and all risk assessments will take place for the service users safety.
    If not already, it may be of some use asking your pharmacy to provide medication in a medi pack. This provides our carers with visible evidence whether the medication has been taken or not.
    Autonomy and independence
    Our aim is to promote the clients independence through supervision, assistance and listening. We will plan our care directly with the client, their relatives and/or their main care. Every opportunity will be given to you to make decisions throughout the entire involvement of DawnKelly Homesupport.
    Our carers will carry out tasks with the client and not for the client, enabling themto keep control of their lives.
    Your carer will:
    • Arrive at pre-arranged time on each visit
    • Provide care within the contracted hours as stated in your care plan pack
    • Carry various equipment to assist with health and safety in your home
    • Assist with prompting you to take your medication when authorised by his/ her manager
    • Inform his or her manager if small gifts have been offered from you
    • Hold keys to your property only when authorised by yourself and his/her manager
    • Act with confidentiality and in a way to maintain your dignity at all times.
    Your carer will not:
    • Carry out duties other than those contracted for
    • Smoke or consume alcohol in your home
    • Enter your home in your absence
    • Receive cash or gifts from you under any circumstances
    • Take cash or valuables belonging to you to his/her home for safe keeping
    • Carry out nursing duties such as: injections, catheterisation, sterile dressing and administering of medication.
    Access to client homes
    A procedure for entering the home will be agreed with every client. This may include the use of a key or keysafe to which DawnKelly Homesupport have strict policies in maintaining security of the home.
    In the event of a carer being unable to gain access to the client home, a card will be left detailing the visit time.
    The Carer will then contact the manager, who will in turn contact the client, then any relative or main carer. If no contact can be made, a manager will attempt to gain access. Failing that, emergency services will be contacted.