awn  elly - Domiciliary Care
In addition to our guest book, we get lots of praise and feed back from our service users and their friends and family, these come in many different forms i.e letters,emails,phone calls,cards and even the occassional poem. We have compiled this page for those people that prefer to give their feedback the traditional way.
A POEM BY DENISE PARKER - Service user- Gateshead
                              JUST ASK
When life's getting you down
Your not getting around
Go down the same road I tried
Dont sit there all sad
And let people treat you bad
Click on the net and get
The help that I sought
A worth while trying agency
Named DK Home Care Support
When I first met Dawn and Kelly
My future was on the road to nowhere
Or so that seemed to be
Of not getting the help of social workers
Of bureaucracy I got fed up
If it had'nt being for a visit
By the I.L.F.
I would have nearly given up
Once you,ve started with DAWNKELLY
NOTHING is to big a task
Just give them plenty of notice
They're ever so kind
Give them a chance
Your life to enhance
And you'll find
They've planned your day
Just the way you would have it go
Proverbial cat got your tongue?
That was just like me
I once felt so lost and alone
Till one day I gave them
notice,of their ignorance
I had enough
They'd never heard me talk this way
But they knew they'd had their day
This gave me the confidence
To pick up the phone
Like talking to a friend
The voice on the other end
Was calm and reassuring
With a promise that was
Sincere and enduring
Please dont delay
Go right away with DK
If you should feel the urge
To change your life one day
With hearts filled with compassion
On a face that's filled with sadness
They can see behind the mask
And turn it into one of gladness
However great the task
Pick up the phone
And just ask.                           By Denise Parker 27/01/2013